My name is Lauren Budreau and I am a senior at the University of Virginia studying Studio Art and American Studies with an Art History minor. As a young child, I painted a lot of repurposed food containers which unknowingly would reveal my interest in environmentalism. This passion of art continued into high school, where I did a series of landscapes demonstrating the effect of human waste.  The topic of environmentalism has maintained an important passion to me because humans are causing many problems on the earth and do not realize the danger this could lead to, for the earth and themselves. I decided to concentrate in New Media in college because the concept of animation was very exciting and challenging to me. I have gained many skills in the Adobe Suite, specifically in Photoshop and After Effects. Through this I have created multiple short animations, where I utilize my painting experience to create digital painted scenery. I have also continued to paint as a hobby, and during my third year, one of my rotunda paintings was printed as the official class gift for the UVA Third Year Ring Ceremony. I am currently most interested in the effect of humans on the environment, along with what would happen to the earth if humans disappeared. I find this thought to be not morbid, but beautiful because many other natural species would thrive without the presence of humans.

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