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The Change

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     The Change is a multimedia project created to reflect social anxieties of climate change. The project consists of a series of stickers illustrated in Photoshop of instrumental environments that have shaped who I am, which have been distributed around UVA grounds for the general public to come across. The environments have been illustrated in an apocalyptic context, to synthesize a world where humans have become extinct, most likely from environmental damage. These spaces of my childhood home, elementary school, favorite art museum, and this college have all given me experiences on a wide spectrum of emotion that I am grateful for and are most devastating to envision in decay. 

     Apocalyptic imagery initially seems negative, as decaying buildings suggests abandonment and even death, but in this context, it is neutral because it symbolizes change. Apocalyptic paintings and sculpture of Josh Keyes, Zaria Forman, and Kris Kuksi have informed this project as these artists are working in the subject of apocalypse to reveal truths about humanity. The Change is revealing truths about climate change through landscapes personal to me as a reminder that humanity is not working to save the planet, but working to save the ability to coexist with nature on the planet. I hope when viewers come across the stickers, they reflect on spaces significant to them as a reminder of the stakes that could be lost if necessary change does not happen.

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