The End

This project is about how humans predict the apocalypse to come from religious higher beings, when the reality is humans are inflicting the apocalypse on themselves through environmental damage. Those currently most affected by environmental damage are the ones least causing it, as their demographic is low-income and of minority races. Environmental racism has been a longstanding problem in America which is why I wanted to focus on it with this project. From dump sites to pipelines to rising sea levels, minority races have been disproportionately affected by environmental problems, along with the lack of environmental protection in lower-income areas. These problems are occurring from the unsustainable practices of corporations, since those in high level jobs are from the opposite demographic as those affected, meaning they do not suffer the consequences of their actions. This project is meant to call attention to this, so people are more aware of these longstanding issues and will choose to make more sustainable decisions. 

I came up with this project because environmentalism has been a subject of interest in my art since I was a child, and I wanted to continue exploring how to represent these themes in art. However, I decided to take a different approach than the typical “we need to save the planet” mentality because the reality is the earth would thrive in the absence of humans, and we really need to be saving our ability to continue existing on the planet. That is where the idea came for apocalyptic imagery, to create a visualization of what the earth could look like if we do not make necessary changes as a society, and to observe that we take our presence for granted.

This project was created with support from the UVA Religion, Race & Democracy Lab and The Jefferson Trust, an Initiative of UVA’s Alumni Association. This project was created over the span of 8 months.

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